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“Bodypainting is not only related to the physical body, it deeply touches the soul of art, of the artist, of the model and of the viewer. It is the most special art form I have ever met.”
Johannes Stötter

Bodypainting Art Print Editions

We are glad that you are interested in the amazing bodypainting artwork of Johannes Stötter!

As his fantastic skill to surprise us with an outstanding experience enjoying his artworks is unique and of real artistic quality grade, we are very much pleased to offer his works as art prints in high-end gallery quality.

We – the familiar team of Johannes – are engaged to revalue his work, to highlight the uniqueness of his style and to give full appreciation to an unusual but nevertheless extraordinary visionary in the world of Fine Art Bodypainting.

As currently one of the most famous artists in this field, world champion and holder of many awards, Johannes Stötter sets new standards in the history of bodypainting, and by his illusionistic works he blazes new ground in the world of bodyart and bodypainting.

Available Artworks

Currently you can get the following artworks as Limited Editions. We will introduce more of the artworks of Johannes Stötter as print editions in the future.

High HeelMandrillWolfAngelfish as Limited EditionFrog as Limited EditionChameleon as Limited EditionParrot as Limited Edition

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Limited Editions

To enjoy the real value of Johannes’ gift we offer his most known and groundbreaking works as Limited Editions on different high quality materials in dignified sizes of 105×70 (ultraHD, Premium and HD Metal Prints), 120×80 and 180×120 (Luxury Authentic Gallery Prints), signed by the artist and with a Certificate of Authenticity. These editions will bring the most delightful experience and value to you as an owner of one piece of a worldwide limited number of the same signed and certified prints.

Quality & Materials

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